Decency , Diversity , Devotion
Living , Loving , Leading

About 3dL

3dL Group evolves and emerges advance facial mask and skincare products via age-grouping attributes from international database and exclusive effective formula design as we deeply value the innovative development and product technology. Our laboratory has equipped facility apparatus even higher than the industry standard. From research stage to mass production period, all 3dL products are under scrupulous 9 examinations to ensure the quality restriction. Meanwhile, 3dL laboratory received the green lights from Taiwan FDA and TAF for its reliability.

The manufacture areas of 3dL has granted the ISO 22716 authorization and won Taiwan EEWH (Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, Health) bronze medal. Furthermore, the water purify system is compatible with pharmaceutical regulation. An Eco-Friendly Artificial Intelligent Manufacturing System can possess the product excellence and meet the customer needs bringing consumers the best in class skincare experiences of beautiful lives.


Energy Saving

Waste Reduction


Since 1994, 3dL provides Original Design Manufacturer service over 30 countries and has branch offices in Taiwan, China, Japan, USA with thousands employees to delivery comprehensive ODM proposals for customers from every aspect.

3dL Global Offices

Shang Hai ● Su Zhou Plant ● Seoul ● Tokyo ● Taipei HQ ● Tainan 3dL Plant, TRIDL Plant ● Orange County ● New York

The Spirit and Culture of the Corporate – 3dL

Water is the origin of life and the source of healthy skin.
The corporate uses the wisdom of “Dialect Classics” –Tao Te Ching, “be good as water, and water benefits all things without dispute…,” together with “Book of Changes” –Zhou-Yi, “As Heaven’s movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along…, ” as the core thought of 3dL.
The characteristics of water form the spirit and culture of the corporate—3dL, which is described below.
Being good like water—as heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection.

The origin of the corporate name – 3dL comes from 3d and 3L, and the following describe 3d and 3L in details.

The wisdom of water is an infinite source of value.


  • Decency

    Water abides by the essence

  • Diversity

    Diversified creation
    Characteristics of water in flexibility

  • Devotion

    Devotion of 3dL R&D
    Constant dripping wears away a stone.


  • Living

    Science, Technology, and Humanities
    The humble tolerance of water

  • Leading

    Innovation Pilot
    The Unity power of water

  • Loving

    Enterprise with Happiness
    Water’s Altruism

Constant dripping wears away a stone. 以柔克剛 滴水穿石.

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding…. is from the source of …

“Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.”– Lao Tzu

Still water runs deep.
Quiet people are often very thoughtful.

3dL Innovation Research Center

3dL INC. was found by Dr. Paul Lai with professional research teams emphasizing on chemistry, biochemistry, medical, pharmacy, microorganism and other related fields. We specialized in designing cosmetic mask formulation and high efficacy ingredients based on the features of 20 to 60 years old female. Our core technology is to provide exclusive formulation and develop high functional ingredients for various of age segmentation.

One of the innovation from Dr. Paul Lai, conductive antibacterial process technology, has acquired 26 innovation patents from US, UE, and Taiwan. We are proficient in colloid, micro-emulsification as well as interface treatment technology, and we will continuously apply patent for our unique technology to make ourselves become more international competitivity.

3dL Innovation Research Center
8 Laboratories

Basic Research

Key Ingredient LAB

Composition Synergism LAB

Skin Absorption LAB

Prospective Material LAB

Applied Research

Fragrance Scent LAB

Future Cell LAB

Innovation Formula LAB

Skin Tactile LAB

The Three-major Production Bases
International scale green and smart factory

Our manufacturers has granted the ISO 22716, Taiwan TFDA, Taiwan GMP authorization and won Taiwan EEWH (Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, Health) bronze medal. It’s an Eco-Friendly Artificial Intelligent Production Plant. Customized designs will be the feature skincare production trends, these manufactures area has implemented an Eco-Friendly Artificial Intelligent Manufacturing System to meet the effective production requirements. Also, our advance water purify system is matching pharmaceutical standards. Possessing class 100k clean production rooms which passed strictly quality controlling tests.

Tainan Factory Capacity



Bottle (120ml) / Month

Mask Sheet


Piece / Month

TRIDL Factory Capacity



Bottle (120ml) / Month

Mask Sheet


Piece / Month

Suzhou Factory Capacity



Bottle (120ml) / Month

Mask Sheet


Piece / Month

600 T Rainwater Harvesting

LED Lights Power Save +60%

Water Saving 8T Per Day

Waste Water Recycling System

International Certification Testing Center

Best Products with Highest Standard

The first cosmetics factory passed the certification from TFDA

P2 testing center which meets NSF international requirement

Pass the UK LGC competency test

3dL INC. established the highest standard of international certification testing center. Our tests include basic physicochemical properties, microbiological analysis, drug analysis, and skin tests. This allow us to analyze our quality from R&D stage, production processes, to finished products through various tests. We independently certificate our products and develop premium products.

Security Test

Preservative efficacy test Microbial testability analysis Skin low sensitivity test

Stability & Package Test

Long-term temperature test / Cycle abuse test Light resistance test / Package compatibility test Centrifuge test / Physical property test

Efficacy Test

Cell test / Physiological analysis test Survey from subjects using trial products Human patch test

All the products from 3dL INC. follow various international certification standards from R&D to production stage with the following strict quality control and test. We utilize our automatic intelligent and green plant and ultrapure water equipment, which are more advanced than that in pharmacy plants, to produce premium products

Advanced Skin Care Products

Exclusive Research and Development • Leading the trends

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    Certificated Cosmos Skin Care

  • null

    Certificated Halal Skin Care

  • null

    Quasi-drugs Skin Care

  • null

    Cosmeceutical skin care

  • null

    Sensitive Skin Care

  • null

    Preservative Free Skin Care

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    Basic Skin Care

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    Body Care

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    Hair Care

Customized • 360 Degree Services

Comprehensive services • Create high value products

Marketing Support


Customization & Quick Response

Supreme Quality

Best Price

Information Gathering

Product Selling Worldwide

Canada ● USA ● Mexico ● Europe ● Korea ● Japan ● China ● Taiwan ● South East Asia ● Australia ● New Zealand ● Brazil

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