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Innovation Energy

Ultimate Skin-care

3dL Group evolves the advanced facial masks and skincare products via age-grouping attributes from the international database and the exclusively effective formula design as we deeply value the innovative R&D technology. Our laboratory has equipped with the facility apparatus even higher than the industry standard. From the research stage to the period of mass production, all 3dL products are under 9 examinations with scrupulousness to ensure the best quality. Meanwhile, 3dL Testing Center has received the green lights from Taiwan FDA and TAF for its reliability.

The manufacture departments of 3dL Group has granted the ISO 22716 authorization and won Taiwan EEWH (Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, Health) bronze medal. Furthermore, the Ultra-pure Water System is compatible with pharmaceutical regulations. The Eco-friendly Artificial Intelligent Manufacturing System of 3dL possesses the ability of manufacturing the products of excellence and meet the customer needs to bring the consumers the best experience of beautiful life.

Since 1994, 3dL Group provides Original Design Manufacturer service over 30 countries and has branch offices in Taiwan, China, Japan and USA with thousands of employees to deliver comprehensive ODM proposals for the customers from the whole aspect.


3dL Group

  • 3dL Inc.
    Head Office

    3dL Inc. Head Office

    1994 3dL was founded by Dr. Paul Lai in USA.

    3dL Inc.
    Head Office

  • 3dL Lab Inc.
    Taipei Office

    3dL Lab Inc. Taipei Office

    1995 Taipei branch and factory was set up to focus on ODM products.

    3dL Lab Inc.
    Taipei Office

  • 3dL Lab Inc.
    Tainan Factory

    3dL Lab Inc. Tainan Factory

    2006 Taipei factory moved to Tainan new factory and it was started to build in 2006, and completed in June 2008.
    2010 Tainan factory ISO22716 (cosmetics GMP) certified in February.
    2013 Tainan factory Taiwan GMP certified in August.
    2016 The quality assurance laboratory of Tainan factory certified by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation) in February.

    3dL Lab Inc.
    Tainan Factory

  • TridL Technologies Inc.
    Tainan Factory

    TridL Technologies Inc. Tainan Factory

    2011 production capacity
    2014 Tainan TridL Technologies Inc. started to build new factory in October, which completed in 2016.
    2016 TridL Technologies Inc. begin go operate in December.
    2018 TridL factory Taiwan GMP certified in October.

    TridL Technologies Inc.
    Tainan Factory

  • Suzhou Greatec Co., Ltd.
    Suzhou Factory

    Suzhou Greatec Co., Ltd. Suzhou Factory

    2003 Ningbo factory in China began operation.
    2006 Zhongshan Factory in Guangdong, China began operation.
    2009 Suzhou factory was prepared in August and constructed in October.
    2010 Suzhou factory operated in August meanwhile ISO22716 certified.

    Suzhou Greatec Co., Ltd.
    Suzhou Factory


The Spirit & Culture of the Corporate – 3dL

Water is the origin of life and the source of healthy skin. The corporate uses the wisdom of “Dialect Classics" –Tao Te Ching, “be good as water, and water benefits all things without dispute…," together with “Book of Changes" –Zhou-Yi, “As Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along…, " as the core thought of 3dL below.

Being good like water-as Heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection.

The characteristics of water form the spirit and culture of the corporate—3dL, which is described in the following.
The origin of the corporate name – 3dL comes from 3d and 3L, and the following describe 3d and 3L in details.



Integrity of the Corporate
Pure Equity

Water never change in its pure equity - H2O. for millions of millennia. 3dL follows the same approach that we find the right people to do the right thing in the right way. This has always been our principle.


The Corporate of Diversified Creation

Water exists in ever-changing forms in flexibility. We show our flexibility in creation and pursue progress. From the fundamental basic of Colloidal Physical Chemistry, Biomedicine, Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Dermatology, Pharmacology and Aromatherapy, our comprehensive science of R&D team can tailor to all kind of possibilities for our clients.


The Corporate focus on better R&D
What is soft is strong

3dL upholds the belief that a constant dropping of water will wear a hole in the stone. Persistent effort can overcome any difficulty. We understand the importance of synergy and perfect balance. Our established vast database consists of enormous matching and tests. As a river carves out a canyon, we create our own masterpiece.



The Corporate of Technology and Humanities
Mild Embrace

Still water runs deep and it benefits all in mute. 3dL embrace things with a big and modest heart. We prefer plain and purity with no excess in our culture, our creative ideas are nature-inspired. This is 3dL’s expression of humanities. We develop multiple ingredients with promising effect for your personal beauty.


The Corporate of Innovation Pilot
Joint Power

Pursue the creative energy based on the concept of “The Heavens are in motion ceaselessly.” which is like the endless stream of water, converging into a cohesive force, always moving forward. Our aim is to make the lives of our clients and consumers more beautiful and better.


The Corporate brings People happiness
Benefit Others

The best virtue is like water’s. Water benefits all things but does not compete with them” is the belief of 3dL. We are people-oriented toward partners, environment and society. The corporate, 3dL, expects happiness to be like water ripples, which spread, connect and even resonate with people’s hearts, spreading the atmosphere of happiness.

3dL + the wisdom and Character of water= 6 Core thoughts and value of 3dL

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Being concerned about the weakness
Being fedback to the society
Green Environmental Protection

As a result of endless effort for more than 24 years, 3dL Inc. has devoted its continuous effort to social welfare and vulnerable groups, such as orphanages and senior home.
The charity work and the vulnerable groups funded by 3dL Inc. are in the following 3 areas:

The children's group

God's Love Children House at Yilan
Bethang Little Home at Mucha.

The senior citizens

3dL Inc. provide food and living supply for senior citizens at senior home.

The Public Interest Alliance

The Public Interest Alliance paticipated, upon the Chinese New Year. Is the party of “Street Friends Wai Furnace(街友圍爐)”, funded by 3dL Inc. for love and care.

3dL Inc. unhold the idea from Confucius—Greet Harmony as follows:
--Helpless widows and widowers, orphans and the lonely, as well as the sick and the disable, are well cared for…



TridL Technologies Inc. follows the regulations of SA8000:2014, the current version of the SA8000 standard, and obtained its certificate in 2018. We have a Health and Safety Committee consisting of management representatives and workers, which is responsible for monitoring health and safety hazards. TridL Technologies Inc. provides a safe and heathy workplace to prevent potential industrial accidents and also provides basic safety and health conditions for the working environment, facilities (sanitary facilities and the supply of clean drinking water) needed to prevent occupational disasters or injuries.

3dL Inc. has been put effort for employees and the weakness from society, the dedication is looking forward to the realization of the rite of passage of Datong world.


Distribution of 3dL & TridL OEM/ODM Product

Our ODM products are globally distributed throughout Taiwan, Japan, Korea, U.S.A , Europe, Mexico, Brazil , Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, ASEAN and China.