Innovative Products


The Solutions of Innovative Products


Certificated COSMOS Skin Care

To enjoy the natural scent of plants

We select COSMOS certified documents for choosing the active ingredients for COSMOS formulas which are safe and effective and pass the COSMOS natural organic certification to create green concept of excellent skin care goods.

ACT (Actives of Skin Care)

The research on ingredients truly good to skin

3dL R&D team focus on the research of ingredients which are truly food to skin. They possess the advantage of the properties of high efficiency and very mild to skin. We develop the synergy between ingredients on the basis of experimental database and try the best to obtain optimal quality of skin care products for our clients.

Certificated Halal Skin Care

Products designed precisely for the Muslim market.

We select natural ingredients that passed Halal certified to meet the 1.8 billion Muslim consumers' skin needs. The skin care series is all passed Halal certified and more competitive in the Muslim market.

Quasi-drugs Skin Care

Safety • Stability • Effectiveness

The Quasi-drugs certified masks and skin care products are designed according to national regulations to provide consumers with safe, effective and reliable products through the certification of medicated cosmetics regulations in accordance with local regulations.

Top Medical-grade Skin Care

Creating new concept of intelligent, precisely targeted skin care

A Replacement for Non surgical procedures Treatment-Luxurious Homecare Regimen, needle-free, low risk, V-shape face, brightening and perfect skin.

Focusing on before and after non surgical procedures to a new concept is designed for skin care products of which the formula is simple and high concentration, making your skin perfect and professionally maintained.

Preservative-Free Skin Care

A new option for sensitive skin

It is a new choice for the maintenance of sensitive skin by using natural botanical ingredients instead of chemical preservatives and with raw materials of low sensitivity or Quasi-drugs ingredients of the Japanese Ministry to solve skin problems caused by air pollution, aging, seasonal changes, and improper maintenance.

The New Concept of Basic Skin Care

Age and Regions Basic concern for developing skin care.

3dL develop skin care products according to the segmentation of age and the weather conditions of the regions.

We analyze the skin types according to the age and adjust the formulas to meet the requirements of different weather types.


Releasing physical and mental stress

Displaying a smooth, silky and beautiful skin

3dL's body care products are designed to make the skin of the body, hands, feet and neck showing the ultimate smoothness and elasticity, especially to thoroughly improve horny hypertrophy, rough hands, dull body and early aging caused by the fatigue and stress.


High concentration flower extracts
Healthy shine. Reducing hair loss

The development of the beautiful hair is on the basis of the healthy scalp. By selecting the high-concentration flower extracts and essence oils, the quality of hair is instantly upgraded. We also gentle care the hot, dry and damaged hair, the seborrheic scalp and soothe scalp itching, to improve self-healing energy and self-protection of the hair and the scalp.