Testing Center


International Accredited Laboratory

Highest testing standards in the industry Creates the highest quality products

P2 testing center which meets NSF international requirement.

Pass the UK LGC competency test

3dL INC. established the highest standard of international certification testing center. Our tests include basic physicochemical properties, microbiological analysis, drug analysis, and skin tests. This allow us to analyze our quality from R&D stage, production processes, to finished products through various tests. We independently certificate our products and develop premium products.

R&D and Production Stage 8 stability tests

  • accelerated test
  • shelf storage test
  • extreme test
  • emulsification stability test
  • weight loss/increase determination
  • pH value test
  • viscosity measurement
  • appearance and scent test

6 security tests

Follow the OECD international regulation

  • skin cell stimulus testing platform
  • rapid identification platform for pathogenic bacteria
  • seven microorganism test
  • patch test
  • preservative test
  • residual organic solvent test

12 efficacy test

  • qualitative quantification of active ingredients
  • skin cell antioxidant
  • skin cell anti-aging effects
  • MPA580 human skin test
  • VISIA skin texture test
  • skin moisture, oil, and elasticity test
  • static wrinkle determination
  • brightening ability
  • melanocyte culture
  • tyrosinase inhibition
  • Free radical scavenging capacity
  • anti-erosion test platform

5 drug-containing tests

  • sunscreen ingredients test
  • whitening ingredients and other functional ingredients test
  • forbidden ingredients test
  • antimicrobial ingredients test
  • essential oil composition detection


All products developed by TridL pass the following strict quality tests and evaluations during the experimental phase

Safety Test

Preservative Efficacy Test
Microbiological Test
Chemical Analysis
Sensitivity test

Stability & Package Test

Long Term Test / Cycle Test
Light Test / Package Test
Centrifuge Test / Physical Test

Efficacy Test

Cell Test / Physiological Analysis Test
Sensory Evaluation
Human Patch Test